Brain Stroke Survivor Will Sing For 26 Hours Non-Stop Without Food Sleep And Water To Spread Hope And Courage For Coronavirus

(NewswireOnline):- Brain stroke survivor Glenn Perry with his left side paralyzed will sing relentless for 26 hours with no food, no sleep, and a few sips of water in aid of Coronavirus awareness, with a message of hope, love, courage, peace, unity and solidarity.

Glenn who had a brain stroke few months ago will perform the 26 hour singing marathon at his home in Dubai on 22nd April at 11 am, and end the next day.

For the world’s first of a kind singing marathon gig, he intends to sing around 300 to 400 songs which will be streamed live.

“By doing this I want to spread hope and love for the people and rejoice with them for a brighter future. I want everyone in the world to be optimistic about the health crisis, and enjoy time as a community”.

“I did a similar benefit singing marathon for 25 hours, some years ago. My fingers cut and were bleeding from playing the guitar. My vocal cords were fried. It felt like a volcano in my throat. Nevertheless I completed the 25 hours but I had decided never to do it again as it was torment.

But now since we have a pandemic, I am doing this to raise hope and courage and bring issues to light for the disease”.

Raising awareness is significant as it educates individuals and can save lives.
Glenn says “Stay at home, wash your hands regularly with soap and water, practice social distancing, cease all social affairs and build your immune system. Lockdown isn’t easy. However it is the best remedy to contain Coronavirus”.

As of late, Glenn additionally composed and released a song to raise awareness for Coronavirus titled ‘Live like a Man’. Click link to view the video.

A true humanitarian, Glenn has often placed his life in danger by volunteering in the world’s greatest Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Hurricane, Floods, Typhoons, Cyclones and Droughts. With the experience he has gained from volunteering in disasters, he wants to help Coronavirus victims.

I need the world to comprehend that Coronavirus is a genuine malady.

Indeed, even if you have no symptoms, you could be having Coronavirus and spreading it to others.

“Love is the greatest cure for Coronavirus” says Glenn. “We can eradicate Coronavirus with love. If you truly love someone, then please stay at home since you could can get infected by heading outside and when you return home you will contaminate your family as Coronavirus is an infectious malady”.

This is an unspeakable attack on humankind. Let us all get together and fight this monster. We can annihilate Coronavirus in the event that we as a whole together work towards a similar objective. Let’s combat this Armageddon by remaining at home while the researchers accomplish their work to discover a fix.