Brain Development


(Newswire Online:) It has been a tough ride for people all over the world, as we have been living in bondage and restrictions. Our children have been very agitated with this huge change in their life. They cannot meet their friends and physically are not allowed to be in contact with anyone. We too are frustrated with this change but we all are trying to keep everything in control like we wish to. These factors should not hamper the learning processes of the children and we should always know how to push them forward.

The brain’s neural connections are still forming at a maximum rate. Despite the changed environment being offered to them, they are still learning accordingly and simultaneously formulating their theory of mind! The minds at this age are very fertile and they soak up all the information they get. We should not just sit and wait for the lockdown to get over. We should keep in mind some suggestion and points that will help you to get the most out of this situation.

  • Create a language enriched environment around your child. Every household chore gives us an opportunity to talk about what we are doing, how we are doing and why we are doing. Involve them with you. This will not only facilitate speech and language but also help them to develop good conversational skills. Remember it takes two to talk.
  • Developing turn taking skills will also lead to good conversational skills.
  • Spending most of your time with them will also help in developing an emotional bond with them, which is the basis for the emotional quotient development. This EQ factor is very critical during first few years of human life. This time spent with you is always going to stay in their memories.
  • Stay connected with your therapist / audiologist. Seeking professional help during this period is all the more important. They are the ones who will guide and coach you on how to make the best use of this time. Remember telepractice is a very practical and viable way of learning. This approach is going to make you more independent. So inculcate a learning attitude!!!
  • Try and match up with the Gen Z generation. Be tech savvy. There are assistive devices available in the market which can get connected with your child’s hearing device which can help them listen better while learning through online platforms. Find out what are the various e-resources available which will help support your child and help his / her holistic growth.

Each day and activity counts for your child. Time doesn’t wait for anyone and it is too precious to be wasted on waiting. We should be careful with everything and learn to live with this. Exploring options and learn to move on is the best thing we can do in these times.

Ritu Nakra is the Director of Hear Me Speak, (Re)habilitation center for young children with hearing loss based in Delhi, India. She has a done lot for children and families by being a Auditory-Verbal Therapist at various levels. Ritu’s background as a design student has helped her to develop wonderful resource materials in Hindi like, “Hamare Awaaz Suno” a pictorial book based on Learning To Listen sounds which was published by Cochlear India.

May everyone be safe and sound,

From your own Ritu Nakra

( B.Sc (Hons)Physics ; P.G (N.I.F.T) ;  B.Ed Special Education(H.I) ; LSLS Cert.AVT ).