Bollywood gets fresh talent even during COVID times – 3i Three Indians

3i Three Indians

3I Three Indians a story of hard work and success

(NewswireOnline): India, Delhi, Aug, 2021 3I Three Indians Released!!

Bollywood is a resilient lot and so it keeps discovering fresh talent.

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3i Three Indians is one such effort, with central characters of the movie like Anurag Singh, Vaibhav Singh and Taruun Sethi the movie also has beautiful songs like Aaghaz, Rehmat and Bandya sung by talented artists like Ahmad Shaad Safwi, Manthan Sandhu, Subhashish and composed by Mohit, Rishit Chauhan, Ajit Singh Chawda, Akarsh Shetty & Hanish Taneja.

Shot in the beautiful locals of Uttarakhand and a suspense thriller the songs are beautifully written composed and sung.

It’s commendable that the producers could release such a beautiful movie even during this challenging covid period.

It’s a must-watch for this 15th August.

Go Watch it with family!!

Highly recommended.


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