Nadda labels Congress procession as ‘Bharat Todo Anyay Yatra.’

Rechristening the Congress’s proposed ‘Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra’ as ‘Bharat Todo Anyay Yatra,’ BJP President J P Nadda on Thursday raised questions about the grand old party’s role in fostering national unity.

Addressing party workers during the state executive meeting, Nadda asserted that the Congress, known for its “divide and rule” politics, had actively contributed to the country’s fragmentation and was now organizing a march to divert attention from its misdeeds.

Scheduled to be led by Rahul Gandhi, the yatra is set to commence from Imphal on January 14, culminating in Mumbai on March 20, with the Arunachal Pradesh leg scheduled for January 20.

Nadda urged a deeper understanding of the Congress, asserting, “It is not the ‘Bharat Jodo Nyaya Yatra,’ but the ‘Bharat Todo Anyaya Yatra’ that this so-called INDI Alliance is on. The Congress Party has never united India; instead, it has consistently worked towards breaking and destroying the nation,” claimed the BJP chief.

Accusing the Congress of engaging solely in “vote bank” politics without broader considerations, Nadda emphasized the BJP’s transformative impact on the country’s political culture, attributing it to the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He highlighted the shift from mere rajneeti (politics) to rashtraneeti (nationalism) under Modi’s leadership.

Nadda criticized the Congress for its alleged role in divisive tactics, referencing instances such as the JNU slogans and Rahul Gandhi’s support for the students, demanding a public apology for attempting to “break India.”

Pointing to historical events like the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, the Shah Bano case, the Mandal Commission, and the toppling of elected state governments, Nadda challenged Rahul Gandhi to acknowledge the divisive actions of his ancestors.

Questioning the agreement between the Indian National Congress and the Communist Party of China, Nadda accused them of attempting to weaken India, adding skepticism about the intent behind the ‘Nyay Yatra.’

Further alleging that the opposition INDIA bloc was formed to protect black money and serve personal interests, Nadda claimed it had no genuine connection to the country.

Accusing Congress chief ministers of reneging on promises, Nadda contrasted it with Modi’s ‘report card politics,’ emphasizing the BJP’s accountability to the people and inclusive governance.

Nadda touted the Modi government’s commitment to GYAN—gareeb (poor), youth, annadata (farmer), and naari shakti (women power), claiming the upliftment of 13.5 crore people from poverty.

He asserted that the Modi government, unlike its predecessors, prioritized Northeast India, settling longstanding disputes and bringing peace to the region. Nadda concluded by urging BJP workers to secure the party’s third consecutive term, highlighting the government’s achievements at the national level.