AVISA Achieves a Monumental Milestone with 100+ Smart Hospitals Across 8 Cities, Unveiling India’s Largest Smart Hospital Chain

New Delhi – Avisa, at the forefront of healthcare innovation in India, is thrilled to announce a ground-breaking achievement: the onboarding of over 100 hospitals across eight major cities. This momentous milestone solidifies Avisa’s position as the driving force behind India’s largest Smart Hospital network, redefining healthcare accessibility and convenience for millions.

Avisa’s vision revolves around seamlessly integrating healthcare services, creating a unified platform that empowers both patients and hospitals. With the addition of over 100 prestigious healthcare institutions to its network, Avisa’s Smart Hospitals are set to revolutionize healthcare delivery in India.

The Avisa platform serves as a catalyst for hospitals to extend their services to a broader audience, thereby increasing their reach and making healthcare more accessible to the public. Through Avisa’s innovative One Stop Healthcare App & Web Platform, patients can effortlessly access a comprehensive range of healthcare services, right from the comfort of their homes or within the extensive network of Smart Hospitals.

This milestone achievement underscores Avisa’s unwavering commitment to bridging the gap between healthcare providers and patients, offering them a unified ecosystem to interact, transact, and access world-class healthcare services. Each of the 100+ hospitals joining Avisa’s Smart Hospital network represents a step closer to realizing the dream of a healthcare system that is truly patient-centric.

Dr. Pragyan Mishra, Spokesperson of AVISA, shared the excitement about this achievement, stating, “We are thrilled to have reached this momentous milestone of 100+ hospitals joining our Smart Hospital network. Avisa Smart Hospital is on a mission to transform healthcare accessibility in India, and this achievement is a testament to our collective dedication and unwavering commitment to excellence. We look forward to further expanding our network and bringing quality healthcare closer to every Indian.”

For Hospitals, Avisa provides a full-fledged Patient App, Doctor App, ERP Software, Queue Management, EMR Software and multiple Smart Solutions, to upgrade as a Smart hospital and a complete turnaround to a Technology-driven Hospital ecosystem. AVISA also offers an opportunity to promote their services online and increase revenue and reach a wider audience.

With a strong reach in India and UAE, As Avisa continues to grow and expand its network of Smart Hospitals, it remains committed to reshaping healthcare in India and setting new standards of excellence.

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About Avisa Smart Hospitals

Avisa Smart Hospitals, is a healthcare technology company dedicated to revolutionizing the healthcare industry in India. With a vision to make healthcare accessible and convenient for all, Avisa has launched a chain of Smart Hospitals and an integrated healthcare platform that brings patients and healthcare providers together under one unified ecosystem. Through its One Stop Healthcare App & Web Platform, Avisa is on a mission to transform the way healthcare services are accessed, delivered, and experienced in India & abroad.

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