Avicenter: French Financial services company launches India operations

Avicenter, a popular French financial services company has recently expanded to India. Their core services include opening of a blocked account for international students that are looking to study in France. Blocked account certificates issued by Avicenter will facilitate a smooth student visa application process.

If we can summarize the recent visit to India by French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna, it is to use educational exchanges to strengthen the strategic ties between France and India. “We want 20,000 Indian students in France by 2025”, she said while calling the plan “very ambitious”. Very recently when the French President Mr.Macron visited India as the chief guest of Indian Republic Day, he was very vocal in his country’s plan to achieve the 30,000 student target by 2030.

Improving France-India strategic relationship through education will be top priority for both Modi and Macron Administration’s foreign policy. Educational partnerships will play an increasingly important role in the people to people exchange between both the countries.

The French Government provides a lot of attractive incentives for Indian students looking to Choose France including the 2 years stay back option, Rental Subsidy for students, 5 year Alumni Visa, etc. The mandatory internship model, prevalent in most of France’s world class business schools, is very attractive for Indian Students, which gets the students ready to join a diverse workforce as soon as they graduate with a top class degree that is recognized worldwide, especially with the brand value it carries.

Migration of students from India to France should be enhanced through visa policies, including ease of receiving French student visas for Indians, simplifying the Campus France Process etc. This is where Avicenter brings its expertise.

5 advantages of AVICENTER Blocked Account:

Advantage 1: Officially approved! – Fulfills all visa requirements of the France Visa Consulate

Advantage 2: Quick! – You will receive Blocked Account Certificate within 3 to 5 working days

Advantage 3: Inexpensive! – One-off set-up fee, no monthly fees.

Advantage 4: Safe! – In cooperation with Aion – AVICENTER is a banking and payment

services broker regulated by the French Monetary and Financial Code, registered with the

Registre Unique des Intermédiaires en Assurance, Banque et Finance (ORIAS) under the

number 19001588 and supervised by the ACPR (Banque de France).To check that your deposit is with a financial company that complies with the regulations, go to  www.orias.fr then enter the name of the company and check whether it is authorized to

collect funds.

Advantage 5: Competent! – Experts with years of experience.

Since its inception, Avicenter has served over 30,000 international students across multiple countries that come to study in France and 100% of its students have received their living expenses on time.

Jean-Yves Morio, the president of Aviceter group spoke regarding the occasion, he said “Avicenter is committed to working towards this mission to improve ties between India and France. Avicenter provides students in India with blocked account service which will help them in proving their financial requirements when applying for a French student visa. Catering to popular demand by students in India, Avicenter has expanded its advising services in India by establishing a local branch in the country, to include more virtual advising, new communication channels, social media outreach to attract potential students, and a nationwide advising hotline.”