How Ocean Play is Solving Pain Points of Students?

(NewswireOnline):- The startup wave has left no stone unturned to boom India’s Economy. Every business sector is being branded like never before, especially after Covid. One of the promising startups is Ocean Play, an E-learning platform for students of grades 1 to 12. The startup focuses on one-on-one online live coaching for classes 1 to 12.

Since there are already big brands in the E-learning segment which focus mainly on group batches containing hundreds of students while not giving proper attention to the one-on-one live tutoring section for classes 1 to 12. Generally, these group student batches are crammed in such a way that students hardly get any personalised attention. Hence, the overall growth of the students in their academics doesn’t happen. Hundreds of students are included in these group batches, and there are no two-way live video-audio interactive sessions.

The basic concept of coaching or tuition is to give the personalised student care and focused attention after their school time, but that’s not precisely happening on a larger scale. Suppose any student does not receive personalised coaching/mentorship even after paying the money on the name of coaching/tuition. In that case, there is no difference between attending those crammed batches and watching YouTube tutorial videos. Since YouTube tutorial videos are also one-way interactive session, which also comes for free, then why should one pay for the same service on the name group student batches.

Ocean Play comes up with the idea of totally focusing on a single student batch with face-to-face live interactive classes. Basically, the startup is shifting home tuition online with loaded features to serve quality education from top faculties of the country. There is an intense need for the personal tutor to mentor the students with focused attention. Ocean Play aims to cater for that need in its way.

The startup has engraved the following features to excel the students in their academics. Some of its highlights are:

  1. Dedicated personal tutor for every student.
  2. Conducts weekly tests.
  3. Daily assignments/worksheets
  4. Provide recorded sessions
  5. Prepare student performance report and send it to their parents

The startup is all set to flourish across India. They offer entirely premium service, and they aim to target aspiring students who look for quality over cost. The teachers are trained well enough to make a good bonding with the students to feel comfortable asking any doubts. They have recently launched their mobile application to conduct their classes online. While the link of their website is from there any student can enroll instantly. Apart from that their social media presence is quite impressive as they are available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. One of the unique aspects of their service is that they welcome every student with exciting gifts whenever any student gets enrolled with them.

The founders of Ocean Play have a vision in their minds to leverage the need for quality education in a more personalised way so that average students’ potential can be increased. Their goal is to associate as many students to their platform and become the reason for every student’s career success so that India’s future will be set in the right direction. The founders of the startup are firm believers of overall academic growth. According to them, overall academic growth happens when the student is given proper space to question the concepts and clear their doubts, which can only occur in a friendly atmosphere between teachers & students. Hence the teachers in their organisation are trained well enough to bring out the best from the students.

The startup is fully dedicated to enhancing the students’ learning experience online by conducting various programs like online quizzes, monthly prize contests, webinars, etc. They believe in innovations and are constantly working to enhance themselves in the technological segment to create the best learning experience for the students online. Their mission is to build Ocean Play, the best E-learning platform worldwide to learn any subject online.