Cinematic Extravaganza ‘Ahuti’ Concludes Thrilling Shoot

Get ready to be mesmerized by a spellbinding journey as Atlas MovieTime proudly announces the successful culmination of filming the much-awaited Hindi feature, “AHUTI,” in an enthralling start-to-finish schedule.

Directed by the visionary filmmaker Avishek Ghosh, and masterfully captured by Cinematographer Tiyash Sen, “AHUTI” boasts an ensemble cast featuring the exceptionally talented Purab Kohli, the enchanting Malvika Raaj, the compelling Samvedna Suwalka, and the versatile Gaurav Sharma.

This gripping cinematic creation delves deep into the realms of Obsession, Deceit, and Psychological Turmoil, urging audiences to confront their innermost fears and question the very essence of ambition and moral integrity.

The film’s producers are exhilarated to present this extraordinary psychological thriller that defies conventional storytelling norms. Speaking passionately about the film’s shooting and wrap-up process, the producers expressed, “With fervor and dedication, the entire team, and remarkable crew and cast, have painstakingly brought this riveting tale to life. We are certain that ‘AHUTI’ will weave its magic on the silver screen, leaving a lasting impression with the audiences.

“AHUTI” is set to revolutionize the thriller genre, intertwining arresting visuals, powerful performances, and an intriguing narrative that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats. As the film embarks on its post-production journey, the anticipation for its theatrical release reaches an all-time high.

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