Animals Facts – Get Your Kids Excited About Animals

NewswireOnline:- Animals are multicellular, eukaryotic organisms belonging to the kingdom Animalia. They eat organic material, breathe oxygen, and are capable of moving and reproducing sexually. Their species differ in size and shape, as well as how they reproduce. Learn all about animals. And get your kids excited about animal facts.

Did you know that there are about 7.77 million species of animals on earth? That makes our world a very diverse place. In fact, many animals exhibit amazing characteristics that we are not aware of. For instance, the regal horned lizard spits blood in the eyes of an assailant, a method that has been proven to deter attacks. A giraffe, on the other hand, only sleeps about thirty minutes a day.

Despite their small size, some species of animals are able to eat as much as one thousand insects in an hour. Bats are also the only flying mammals, and are known to have thin legs. Moreover, some species of bats can be immune to scorpion stings. And they have belly buttons.

Some animals live in packs, and their packs are monogamous. In the wild, an alpha male and a female can only produce pups under certain conditions. Some animals live in a habitat that is less than twenty percent of the area where humans live. Some species live in the tropics, while others live in temperate zones.