Tech Coast Legend Checks in to Indian Startups Ecosystem via KofounderzTeam

(NewswireOnline):- For people who have been in the Early Stage and VC investing circuit in Tech Coast, Silicon Valley, and the USA in general, Dave Berkus is a familiar face and name but those not part of that world would perhaps not know that Dave Berkus is someone who started his business at age of 15, has invested in over 200 companies, publicly claims an IRR of 105%, has managed and led 6 funds and is Chairman Emeritus of Tech Coast Angels, one of the most active and sought after Angel Investing networks for Tech entrepreneurs from the Tech Coast and Valley.

It is hence quite a significant statement that Dave Berkus has chosen to mentor KofounderzTeam Pvt Ltd, a growth and Fundraising readiness Indian company.

Dave Berkus will be conducting a Three Webinar lecture series on:

Live Webinar Schedules:

8.30 PM IST to 9.30 PM IST

  • 26th May 22: Investor Approaches and Benefits of Early Stage Valuation
  • June 22: Governance practices and Advisory Boards that can actually help Startups Succeed
  • 16th June 22: This way to the Exit – Preparation for and proactively adding exit value

“We feel overwhelmed, humbled, and pleasantly surprised that a legend of the stature of Dave Berkus should find, what we are doing in The Great Unicorn Hunt, interesting enough to lend his name and mentoring expertise,” said Sachin Karnik, Founder, and CEO of KofounderzTeam. Karnik is a seasoned veteran in the Startup Ecosystem for close to a decade, credited for having led the spectacular turnaround of a large Angel Investing Network where he was the President for close to five years and later for having helped re-launch a British Crowd Investing company that wanted to invest in Indian Startup story.

Kofounderz Team works on a unique framework with a host of experts across a variety of domains as part of the core team of Resident Experts. The experts come from diverse areas, such as Legal and Compliance, Intellectual Property, SME Listing, Strategy, Operational Excellence, and Early Stage Mentoring. Kofounderz team has recently launched the national Ecosystem platform called which has attracted marquee VCs, Angel Investors, Family Offices, Corporates, Incubators, Accelerators, and Startups in a few weeks of getting launched.

The Great Unicorn Hunt is a free-to-register portal where Startups who have the conviction about becoming Unicorns can put their best foot forward to get noticed by Unicorn Hunters and Spotters listed on the platform. KofounderzTeam, however also provides paid services at aggressively low price points in case the Startups need help to polish their deck, pitching skills, and networking opportunities with potential investors, clients, and Corporates.

Different players of our Ecosystem take great pride in picking up gems via a highly curated set of proprietary processes and research perhaps ignoring a lot of extremely promising Startups. The problem is compounded by the fact that funded Startups and their investors are left to fend for themselves to get the next rounds of funding, strategic corporate clients, and exits. The Great Unicorn Hunt is the platform where there is no gatekeeper or curation barrier. You are as good as your conviction and the slides you choose to upload on the portal.

The Great Unicorn Hunt has also recently announced a paid combo course called ‘The Magic Potion’ that includes:

(a) Three-part webinar lecture series of Dave Berkus

(b) Startupster- a  day-long, Nine-hour pressure cooker course for Founders that helps them acquire four critical skills via case studies of 40 Unicorns created and delivered by Snehal Bhat, an active Mentor and Angel Investor who expertly blends his Angel investing experience and Learning& Development expertise in this course.

(c) Deck Improvement plan to put their learning into practice. At a combo price of 9000 Rs, the course could potentially help Founders compress their learning curve and eliminate months and years of grind and the prohibitively costly way of learning only from their own mistakes!