Aeofit India: A Brand That Is Working Towards Making High-Quality Smart Watches Affordable

NewswireOnline:- These days, you see every other individual wearing a smart watch in their hand. Not just young individuals, people of all age groups are wearing them and benefiting from them in different ways. From serving a basic but important purpose like checking the time to monitoring one’s heartbeat, a smart watch can perform a variety of functions. While a plethora of companies are manufacturing smart watches, the one brand that has played an important role in making them accessible is Aeofit India.

Aeofit India is a young start-up based in New Delhi. Founded in the year 2020, the company is headed by a team of young leaders including Gaurav Tripathi, Nirvan Rustagi, Pradip Karmakar, and Gagandeep Singh. The company, which specializes in smart wearables, offers a wide variety of smart watches at different price points. Recently, Aeofit India has contributed greatly towards ensuring that anybody who wishes to own a smart watch can afford one.

Talking about Aeofit India’s range of smart watches, a spokesperson says, “In the last two years, Aeofit India has launched different types of smart wearables at regular intervals. At the moment, we are primarily offering three different types of smart watches – Aeofit Konnect, Aeofit Konnect Pro, and Aeofit Polaris Pro. While strong Bluetooth connectivity is a common feature in all these smart watches, each of the devices has its distinctive characteristics and features.”

The Aeofit Polaris Pro is the most recent product launched by Aeofit India. The sharply designed smart watch comes with several advanced features and registers a strong impact with its performance. The Aeofit Konnect Pro comes in a similar price range and stands out because of its versatile features. Those looking for a budget-friendly option should go for the Aeofit Konnect. All these products are listed on the brand’s official website

“Every brand operates on a particular philosophy. Right from its inception, Aeofit India has believed in manufacturing the kind of smart wearables that not only boast of high-end features but are affordable as well. Our Bluetooth-enabled smart watches come equipped with an array of premium features but are moderately priced. If you have been looking for affordable smart watches that offer Bluetooth connectivity and several other exciting features, this is just the right brand for you”, says the spokesperson.

In the last two years, Aeofit India has offered a variety of quality smart wearables to its consumers. The popularity of these products serves as a good indicator of the acceptance of the brand by the general consumers. AeoFit Omega Fitness Smartwatch and AeoFit Aura Smartwatch have been two of the most loved products launched by the company.

Despite operating in a highly competitive market segment, Aeofit India has managed to leave a mark by delivering the kind of products that appeal to the masses. By manufacturing premium smart wearables and making them available at moderate prices, it has definitely managed to carve a niche for itself.

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