Announcement of Abhi Loans securing $4.5 million in funding

NewswireOnline:- NBFC poised to help retail customers to get loans against mutual funds and shares within 24 hours.

Karnataka, India – Abhi Loans, a digital lender affording loans on mutual funds and shares across India, has today announced that it has raised $4.5 million in funding for its operations. The funding will be used by the brand to rapidly grow its customer base and expand operations.

The quick credit startup is disrupting the notion that loans against mutual funds/shares are just for high-net individuals, with the company availing financial solutions that cater to small unit share/MF holders. While mainstream banks provide a minimum of Rs 1 lakh for loans on shares, Abhi Loans provides loans starting from Rs 15,000 thus including small-time borrowers. This is in addition to a high LTV value of 65% and 75% for loans against shares and mutual funds respectively.

DIM Sparkle Fund, which has amassed a reputation for providing financial aid to revolutionary businesses in the fintech space, is the driving engine behind the funding. However, many other angel investors have joined hands to bring the sum to where it is now. Among them are SK Jain, Ashvin Chadha, and Niten Malhan, all of whom received credit and gratitude via an official company statement.

When quizzed on what the funding will help plug, founder Deepit Singh enthused. “First, we’d like to thank all our contributors. We’ll use part of the funds to expand our technology stack and grow our loan book. At the moment, we offer loans against securities on mass retail digitally, but we’re looking to grow our portfolio and diversify in the near future.”

DMI Sparkle Fund co-founder described his excitement at working with KNAB, also known as Abhi Loans. “Our ultimate dream is that we’ll provide financial solutions that cater to everyone from all walks of life across India. With this funding and partnership, we’re now closer than ever to financial inclusivity in our country,” Shivashish Chatterjee stated.

Mandeep Chaudhary, co-founder at Abhi Loans meanwhile rounded it all off by saying, “In these tough times, many people are turning to predatory lenders as they exhaust every cash avenue. Borrowers can find relief from stifling high-interest loans via the low-debt consolidation options we offer. Accessing cheap loans of Rs 15,000 from a Mutual Fund holding of Rs 20.000 at an LTV of 75%, ordinary Indians can enjoy greater financial liberty.”

Currently, Abhi Loans provides loans against marketable securities at 13% interest rates, with a promise of 24-hour disbursal, beating out banks and other NFBCs that traditionally take between 3 to 14 days for processing. The agency also provides loans to Low CIBIL Score customers, has no prepayment charges, and thrives by a fully digital service model where borrowers can complete loan applications online without in-person appearances.