25-day Spiritual Yoga Mahayagya Pandemic Corona by SYAAT on Nitya Leela Praveshotsav of Yogeshwar DeviDayal Ji Mahadev

Swami Amit Dev Ji
Swami Amit Dev Ji

On the auspices of Shri Yog Abhyas Ashram Trust, Yogeshwar Devidayal Mahamandir at Tilak Nagar for diagnosis of global pandemic corona in the month of Savan under the sublime guidance of Pradhan Yogacharya Shri Amit Dev. On the occasion of NityaLeela Pravesh Utsav of Yogeshwar DeviDayal Ji Mahadev, programs of worship were started in which Guru Purnima Festival was organized from 6 am to 12 am.

On July 6, Akhand recitation of Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji was offered on 8 July. From 8th July to 14th July by Pujya Sant Puran Singh Ji Maharaj, Shri Madbhagwat Saptah by Pujya Pt Shri Vishnu Sharma Ji was organized with complete dedication. The recitation of Shri Ramcharitmanas Navamparayan by Pujya Pt Shri Vishnu Sharma Ji was started on 16 July. The offering will be on 24 July. All the programs telecast live through Facebook Live on SYAAT Facebook Page from 10 am to 11 am and 4 pm to 6 pm. On July 25, for 133 years, the masses were saved by yoga in the country and abroad by the gurus. Among the Gurus, Yoga was promoted first by, Guru Gaddi Yog Yogeshwar Mahaprabhu Ramlal Ji Bhagwan(1888 -1938); second by, Guru Yog Yogeshwar Mulakraj Ji Bhagwan(1938-1960); third by, Guru Yog Yogeshwar Devidayal Ji Mahadev(1960-1998); and fourth by Guru Yog Yogeshwar Surendradev Ji Mahadev(1998-2016) for the salvation of devotees in the country and abroad. Today, Gaddi Nasheen Shri Amit Dev has treated many diseases with yoga, with the grace and compassion of Mahaprabhu.

Savan Poojan of lord shiva
Savan Poojan of lord shiva

Amit Dev Shri Yogeshwar DeviDayal Mahadev Ji has enshrined the divine yoga from a very ancient age. He dedicated his life in guiding many disciples into a spiritual journey of a healthy lifestyle and mental peace. His sacramental principles have been a great help in deciphering incurable diseases, domestic disputes and blessing his devotees staying far away.

Yogeshwar DeviDayal Ji Maharaj

Yogeshwar DeviDayal Mahadev Ji is much admired for his free of cost Yoga Camps teaching sanctified yoga asanas which has added happiness and prosperity in the life of many people. He is also the founder of numerous ashrams in India, few of which include: Delhi Yoga Sabha, Chandigarh Yoga Sabha, Dayal Yoga Prachar Samiti (Rohtak), Rajasthan Yoga Sansthan, Punjab Yoga Sabha etc.

Being a prestigious personality, Shri Yogeshwar DeviDayal Mahadev Ji has been honored with a bunch of awards which also includes the first prize from the hands of Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru, in the First World Yoga Conference organised in Delhi. His holiness took his heavenly abode on 1 august 1998 in the early hours at Delhi.

The global pandemic corona can be overcome by yoga. Infusion can be cured by adding pure medicated cow ghee to sutranetti, jalnetti, gajkarani, and nasal cavity. Yoga is taught in the morning and evening in the ashrams of Lord Yogeshwar Mahaprabhu Ramlal Ji in many states throughout India. In which women teach yoga to women and men. Treatment of any disease can be done through yoga without any medicines. We should do yoga under the supervision of an experienced Yogacharya.

Savan Poojan of lord shiva

In the global Pandemic Corona era, all the rules will be organized through social networking and Facebook live on July 26 and 27 from 6 am to 12 noon, NityaLeela Praveshotsav in the centenary year of Yogeshwar DeviDayal Ji Mahadev.

Special tributes are given by Yogacharya Ashok Ji Chairman of the Trust along with devotees from across the globe.

Anyone wishing to avail free yoga facilities can get complete information on www.syaat.org. Our institutions are recognized by the State and Central Government Ministry of AYUSH.

This information was given by the National President Sh. Mahesh Chand Goel & National General Secretary along with Yogacharya Mangesh Trivedi(Fonder Yoga Karo) Spokesperson of the organization, and requested everyone to adopt  Mahaprabhu Ji’s yoga to avoid a pandemic Corona. Yoga will always keep you healthy.