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students walking
(NewswireOnline):In our busy lives we fail to notice the complexity of things around us. Adults live in a simple way in which they earn...

SPDS – Disso India 2020 – Online International Conference attended by...

(Newswire Online )  The 4th   and the concluding day of Disso India 2020 was very special as Dr. V. G. Somani, Drugs...

Dr. Ankur Pare Completed Post-Doctoral Fellowship

(Newswire Online) Internationally renowned Sociologist, Author, and Social Activist Dr. Ankur Pare completed Postdoctoral Research Fellowship. He did a sociological study of families affected...

Mahaguru Kritakritacharya Ji Maharaj Sansthan Launches Vedic Education & Hindu Values...

Mahaguru Kritakritacharya Ji Maharaj Sansthan has launched Vedic Education & Hindu Values Courses for students of Class 1st to Class 9th. Classes will be...

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